This isn’t Good-Bye

Art by Cikada

Art by Cikada

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted here.

For years I’ve been posting about my writing and other creative pursuits on multiple blogs. Having so many pieces of me in so many different places and keeping track of them got exhausting. So I began to drop the ball on posting, which made me feel guilty. Then I’d try to write all the posts I needed to write then feel overwhelmed, thus the cycle continued.

I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to break this cycle and do what I enjoy, being creative and helping people. It has taken time but I have come up with a solution. I have created a comprehensive blog of all my interests. The total me, not a piece here and a piece there.

Come visit me at

I’m leaving this blog active so you can still visit and read archived information.

I thank all of you for the support over the years and I’m looking forward to the journey that is to come.


Get Your Write On

Let’s get this writing train rolling with some prompts. Prompts are a great way to loosen up your creativity. They’re stretches for your brain. With these or any prompts, try to break out of your comfort zone. Write in a genre you typically don’t or practice writing dialog, scenes with all five senses, etc.
The ivy vine creeps closer to my bedroom window. Day after day, closer.
Is it so hard to do what I’m asking of you? I mean, really, is it?
I’m not too sure about our new neighbors.
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, “It’s just burgers and fries man.”
The mist rolled in early across the fields. In the murky gray I could hear a lonely frogs call.
Who do I need to impress? You? That’s laughable.
Would you participate in a naked bike ride? Why or why not?
When nothing but being Fabulous will do.
Where does your Boogie Man hide?
Panic set in when I realized the Tequila was all gone.
I think these ten prompts will do for now. Have a great week and happy writing


There are many things in life that can derail your writing. I hit one of those things in November and my writing has been a train wreak ever since. In the last six month I haven’t post here or on Facebook. I’ve only written about 2500 words and I had to force every one of those words onto the paper.
In the last few months in an attempt to get the writing train back on track I’ve discontinued my website. So, all the information that was on the site will be appearing here on the blog. I’ve also refocused my writing and have set reasonable goals. I am hoping to get some projects restarted and to continue helping writers reach their goals.
This has been a long and hard six months and I am hoping it will strengthen my writing and resolve. I’m looking forward to what my writing journey has in store.
Happy Writing.

Writing Prompts

What better way to start the weekend than with some writing prompts. And with today being Friday the 13th you can have freeimage-4294575some real fund with these.

I wouldn’t go in there if I was you.

Mr. Donkle, can you explain what happened here?

The fog rolled into our small town like a freight train.

Is it Friday the 13th already?

Be prepared for anything.

Where did the summer go?

The fire spread quickly in the abandoned building.

Science can’t explain that.

What are you going to do with all that cheese?

I should have known better.

Have a great day and weekend. Happy Writing!

New Release – Busting Writing Myths

We have a new release – Busting Writing Myths

Busting Writing Myths

Busting Writing Myths

This was a fun book to research. It’s amazing how many writers and successful authors have fallen into the trap of believing these myths at some point in their career. And I’m not excluding myself from that group. We all fall prey to believing myths because they are convenient for us to do so. But if you’re aware of them before they try to get you you’ll fair better at warding them off.

Also I think you’ll enjoy the ditch the desk bonus section. This section jumps right into telling your desk you can write any where I want. I give you ideas of places you can go to get away from your desk and rediscover your creativity.

Here’s a short description of the book.

There are many myths about writing and if you fall into the trap of believing them you’ll seriously hamper your creativity and ability to write. We’ll cover the most common myths and how you can keep them under control. In not believing in the myths you will be in control of your writing success.

Included with Busting Writing Myths you’ll also enjoy the bonus section Ditch the Desk – Find your creativity and time to write.

To purchase Busting Writing Myths for only .99c CLICK HERE

Have a great day and happy writing.

Writing Exercise – Surprise Me

Surprise Me – This exercise needs a minimum of two people, but the more you have participating, the better. By exchanging ideas you’ll be able to explore topics you may not have thought of.

Each writer takes a piece of paper and writes down a short idea.

Fold up the paper.

Put the paper in a box or other container.

Each writer picks an idea. (Draw again if you select your own.)

Use the idea you receive as a starting point for your short story.

At the end of the session, or the next day, share the short story and the idea that inspired it.

The best part of this writing exercise is the element of surprise!

Tips for Cutting Your Writing Business Expenses

Reevaluating your writing expenses at least yearly will help you bring more money to your bottom line. Look at everything you spend money on and see what you can cut to boost your bottom line. You will be amazed.

  1. Think like a student – Stock up on all your supplies during the back to school season. Paper, pens, envelops, folders are a lot less expensive during that time of year.
  2. Look at your phone cost – Do you have multiple lines? (phone and fax) How much do you really use your fax line? Getting rid of a line can save you lots of money every month.
  3. Send more e-mail queries – This saves paper, envelops and stamps.
  4. Stop printing everything – You’ll save paper, ink and the environment.
  5. Ask for a discount – When you travel to teach workshops, cover a conference or an interview, ask the organization if they have a discount with an airline or the hotel.
  6. Use your library card – The library subscribes to tons on magazines so you don’t have to. Do your research at the library or get articles on-line for free.
  7. Use coupons – Before you go out and buy anything go on-line and see if there is a coupon or on-line code for the product you need.
  8. Make the most out of your cell phone – Look at how you use your phone. Could you get rid of your land line? Do you have a lot of unused minutes or could you switch to a less expensive plan?
  9. Stay at home – Save money on travel and make more per hour by doing interviews by phone.
  10. Recycle printer cartridges – Take your used cartridges back to your office supply of choice and recycle it. Most will give you several dollars for the used one to use toward the price of the new one.

I’m sure this list of items has gotten you thinking about all the places you can cut costs and put more of your writing money in your pocket.