Poem a Day Challenge

Poem a day Challenge

April is National Poetry Month and what better way to celebrate than writing a poem a day. This challenge is about having fun with poetry. Don’t worry about perfectly finished drafts. Just get rough drafts out daily. You’ll have May to edit them.

Here are some of the highlights

  • You do not have to register anywhere to participate in the challenge.
  • There will be daily prompt (Which you can use or lump) on our Face book page and here on the blog.
  • The challenge will begin April 1st and conclude on May 1st
  • Beginning May 1st, all participants will have the month of May to revise and organize their April poems into manuscripts of 10 -20 pages. No more than one poem per page, but one poem can run for several pages.
  • By midnight June 5th, 2010, poets will need to e-mail their manuscripts (saved as a word document) to thestarvingwriter@comcast.net with the subject line: my 2010 April Challenge Chapbook MS.
  • The Starving Writer Staff will read the manuscripts with the assistance of local Portland Poets and announce a winner on July 4th
  • The winner will have their Chapbook manuscript published.

More details will be posted on www.thestarvingwriter.com


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