Frequestly asked Question

I have written a short story and want to know how to get it published.

Before you start sending your story to publishers, read it to other writers and listen to their stories as well. If you don’t have a critique group this is a great opportunity to join or form one. There are writers in your area that are in the same boat you are who want to get together and share their work for mutual improvement. You will need to revise, edit, rewrite and then revise some more. You always want to send out your best work.

Most publishers have writer guidelines on their websites and they are going to be your best resource. Every year Writers Digest publishes the Writers Market. This is a great place to find publishers who are a fit for your story. The information in this book is 12 months old by the time it’s released, so make sure you check the publisher’s website for their guidelines.

Once you have chosen the market for your work, you are free to submit to publishers who are excepting unsolicited manuscripts. Make sure you include a cover letter and SASE.

Never send more than one story to a publisher at a time, unless they have asked you to. Keep copies/files of your submissions, set up a tracking system, and never send your only copy of your work.

Good luck and may the publishing God’s smile upon you.


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