Super Bowl

As most of you know the Super Bowl was yesterday. Many of us watch the game for the commercials. Others actually watch the game. There have been some amazing commercials over the years. I think my favorite is the Budweiser frogs. The commercial was funny and memorable. I don’t remember how many years ago those commercials aired, but they left an impression.

That’s how I want my writing to be. I want my readers to say, “Yeah I really liked “x” book,” even if it’s been years since its release. Do you feel your writing leaves your reader wanting more? Or is it just another piece they read?

What was your all time favorite Super Bowl commercial? And what can you do to take your writing to the big time?


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  1. Posted by elderfox on February 8, 2011 at 7:16 am

    Morning…don’t know why but mail is coming late…any way, my dD’s fav is the Bud frogs also; mine has always been the Clysdales altho the new one was a grade “F” altho I got it. and YAY the “Bay Boys” 🙂


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