Marketing While on Vacation

I can here you already. I’m going on vacation not to work. When you have a book you’re never going to pass up an opportunity to sell or promote it. I’m not suggesting you turn your vacation to grandmas into a marketing blitz. I’m suggesting you take advantage of opportunities.

Look for events where you can promote your book, since it’s the holidays the papers are looking for success stories or authors back in their home town. There are special programs galore at the library, community centers, ect. Just keep your ears open for opportunities. You never know when one will turn up. If you’re successful at seizing an opportunity not only did you market yourself, you also have a small tax deduction.

So take a couple of minutes and see what fun side marketing trip you can make on your vacation.

NaNo update – So week two is in the history books. How are you keeping up? I have slipped a bit behind this week but I have confidence I will make up the gap this week. On Wednesday I have a writing night scheduled with several of my writing friends. We actually do this writing night every month. This gives us all the opportunity to have several hours where we know we can write undisturbed. We can also catch up on what’s been going on in everyone’s writing life. I look forward to these nights every month. If you have a group of writing friends I suggest starting your own group. It is very beneficial.

Have a great week.


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