Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving.

I hope everyone is enjoying this crisp fall day. I’ve been in the kitchen getting the rolls for dinner ready. Now it’s all up to them to rise.

Last night I spent some time with my laptop catching up on word count for NaNo. I’m still not quite on but I’m close. Tonight after turkey and pie I have a date with my laptop to get caught up. With a week to go we need to be in the 40,000 word range by the end of tonight’s writing. I’m confident I’ll be able to get back on track. Where are you with your word count? Remember we still have seven more days. We can do this. Just visualize writing that 50,000th word and crossing the finish line. Woo Hoo.

The word count verifier on the NaNoWriMo site is now active. So if you have already reached the 50,000 mark you can get on line and claim your certificate.

Have a great Thanksgiving and Happy Writing 🙂


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  1. Laura, you amaze me with your energy, drive, and creativity. Hope your Thanksgiving was totally awesome and that you reach your goal of 50,000 words!


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