Happy New Year

Happy New Year Everyone!

I hope this past year has been good to you and that this year will be even better.

What better way to start the New Year than with a writing challenge. For January our writing challenge is:

Tales in the Mail

Goal: To submit short fiction for publication.

This challenge is fairly straight forward, submit as many tales as you can. This challenge will help you get into the habit of submitting on a regular schedule.

At the beginning of the challenge set a submission goal for the month. Then break that goal down into a weekly number to make submitting more manageable.  When setting your goal make it reasonable but stretch yourself. Sharing your goal is a powerful tool. Having accountability to others is a great motivator.

For this challenge a submission is a tale submitted to a publisher. You can submit the same tale to multiple publishers as long as their submission guidelines allow it.

We will post market lists on our blog several times a week to help with the submission process. Also feel free to post listings that you have found.

We will also post encouragements on the blog and our face book to cheer you forward.

I hope you will join us in our challenge.

Now to get you started. Here are three markets.


Listening and looking magazine for infants and toddlers ages 6 months to 2 years. Features simple stories and poems, words and concepts. Rates vary. $25 minimum.

Guidelines: http://www.cobblestonepub.com/guides_BBB.html


Exploring enviromental issues through the creative arts. A nationally distributed environmental arts publication published twice per year. Celebrates the big tent theory of literary arts, including investigative reporting, fiction, essay, poetry, news, creative opinion, reviews and interviews in each issue. Pays $0.05 per word. Submission guidelines available within site.



Australian fantasy and science fiction magazine. Pays $20 to $60 per 1,000 words.

Guidelines: http://www.aurealis.com.au/submissions.php

Please remember to research all markets and read the submission guidelines completely before submitting.


One response to this post.

  1. I am definitely going to check out The Bear Deluxe Magazine. That sounds like something right up my alley. Happy New Year.


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