Book Club Questions

Book Marketing – Book Club Questions

Develop a set of questions that book clubs can use for your book, and post them on your website. If you create these questions before your book is published you can include them in the back of the book.

Here are some generic questions to get you started. You’ll want to mold these questions to be book specific. You have the inside track on your book.This is a time to get your readers even more involved with your story and characters.

  • · What motivated the main character to act the way they did?
  • · How does the book’s setting contribute to the book?
  • · How does the main character change throughout the book?
  • · What are some possible themes or lessons of this book?
  • · How does the main character interact with others? How would you describe his or her personality?
  • · What is the turning point of this book? What was your reaction to that pivotal moment?
  • · Whose point of view was the book told from? How did the narrator’s opinions affect the book?
  • · What was your favorite or most memorable passage in the book? Why did it make an impression?
  • · What type of writing style does this book use? How does that affect your interpretation or impression of the book?
  • · Overall, did you enjoy this book? Why or why not?

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  1. Excellent list of questions! A great guide when a writer has to come up with blurbs or a synopsis. 🙂


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