Independence Week

Congratulations to everyone who participated in the Tales in the Mail Challenge. Let us know about all the stories you’ve sold.

This week is Independence Day. When we as a country said no more and declared our independence. Have you thought about declaring your writers independence by becoming an Indie Author? Here are a few pros and cons about being an Indie Author.



  • You’re in control of your content, cover, marketing plan and word choices.
  • No on but the reader is determining whether or not you’re good enough.
  • You retain all your rights.
  • Once your cost is recovered, you make a profit. A mid-list author in a traditional market can often make a living from their writing by going indie.
  • Ability to choose and change your cover or modify your book at any time.
  • Publish multiple versions of the same book for different markets.



  • There is still some stigma to self publishing.
  • Some people consider indie books second rate because a lot of authors take short cuts.
  • You’re responsible for EVERY aspect of producing your book. Editing, title, fact checking, cover, sales copy, marketing, and promotion. These can be stressful and time consuming.
  • You may have to do this while holding down a full time job, raising kids, ect.
  • Computer skills, organization skills, and an entrepreneurial personality are a necessity.
  • Many newspapers and other reviews will not accept self-published books.


Hopefully this gave you a little insight on going Indie. So if this is the week to declare your independence, I encourage you check out Smart Self Publishing: Becoming an Indie Author by Zoe Winters


Have a great week and enjoy the Fourth of July.


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