Marketing – E-mail Signature

We all have e-mail. Some of us use it more than others. We send hundreds or thousands of messages every month. Make each e-mail work for you, or to be more specific, make your e-mail signature work for you.

Here are a few items you should have in your signature.

  • Name
  • Link to Author Profile
  • Book Link (s)
  • Blog Link
  • Face Book Link
  • Twitter Link

Don’t be shy about using your signature for every one of your e-mails. This is a great marketing tool and no one will begrudge you for trying to sell your books.

Now let’s talk about your e-mail address. You want it to be professional and easy for people to remember. As a professional you don’t want to have an e-mail “fuzzybunnieslippers” or “zombiefrogsamoungus” They may be cute or funny but you want prospective editors, publishers, or clients to take you seriously. I suggest you go with the name you’re publishing under. For example my children’s books I use and for my writing books I use this way it’s easy for my readers to get a hold of me and the address are easy to remember.


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