Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween

I love Halloween. All the decorations from fun to scary, the kids getting excited about what to dress up as, and of course the candy. Halloween is a wonderful excuse to have more candy in the house than anyone really needs.

So for this week I have Halloween themed writing prompts to get you into the spirit. Have fun, write a short story, or maybe a poem, who knows one of these prompts may inspire your NaNoWriMo novel.

  • That there is old man McPhee’s place.  Neighbors report hearing and see strange things around that place. I suggest you steer clear of that house. Nothing but bad things can happen.
  • The sun lay low on the horizon. Its last golden beams stretched over the abandoned pumpkin patch where a solitary scare crow stood watch.
  • Don’t mess with Voodoo boy. Nothing good can come out of black magic.
  • The secret society of the serpents only comes out one night a year. That is the night any normal person wants to be inside.
  • Pumpkin Jack wonders the forest and fields trying to find a way to ease his tormented soul.
  • Ode to the Jack-o-lantern
  • Pumpkins, spiders and bats, Oh My!
  • “Mom, the mad scientist from down the street wants to talk to you”

I hope you have fun with these and have a Happy Halloween.


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