Releases from The Starving Writer

Over the last several months we’ve released four books. What we realized is we haven’t really shared much about them. So here is a brief description of the books. To view covers and to purchase click on the Amazon link below.

You’ve Decided to be a Writer, Now What?

You’ve Decided to be a Writer, Now What? is your blueprint to your new life as a writer. I’ll take you through the basics of writing a story and the technical stuff. We’ll learn the nuts and bolts of the writer’s life and familiarize you with the business end of writing.

The Basics section covers story structure, point of view, parts of speech, writing dialog, speech tags, punctuation, capitalization, spacing, characters and genre.

The Writer’s Life section covers your writing space, finding your rhythm, making time to write, your writing plan, ready for your rough draft, your draft is done, now what, critique, writing, and goal setting groups, national and local writing associations and organizations.

The Business End section covers submitting short stories for publication, cover letters, platform building, e-mail, websites, blogging, facebook, tips for reducing your writing expenses and terms you should know.

Congratulations on taking your first step to becoming a writer. It’s a fun and exciting journey you’re embarking on. You’ll have ups and downs but what a fun ride you’ll have.

The Basics

The Basics will take you on a refresher course of the writing basics. This book is geared to the new writer. You will find this guide helpful in your journey to a writer’s life.

            This book contains information on, Story Structure, Point of View, Parts of Speech, Writing Dialog, Speech Tags, Punctuation, Capitalization and Spacing, Characters and Genre. Each section has several exercises to help cement your learning.

Monster Book of Prompts

The Monster Book of Prompts is designed to flip through and select any prompt at random. Writing prompts are a great way to get your juices flowing. They can help you get started in the morning or help you out of a jam. There also helpful if you need a good start for your next story.

A prompt a day keeps the writer’s block at bay. With over 400 prompts you’ll never be prompt less.


Big Book of Exercise, Prompts and Block Busters

No matter what stage you’re in with your writing, it’s always beneficial to work on craft and technique.

Writing Exercises help target common problems and weaknesses. Writing Prompts help get your creative juices flowing. Writers Block happens to all writers. The difference is how you handle your block.

The Big Book gives you valuable exercises, prompts and block busting tools you can use to hone your skills.


What’s coming next from The Starving Writer?

Our next book to be released in the next few weeks is Writing and Submitting Short Stories for Publication. This book will cover how to write a short story from conception to acceptance. More details and release date will be coming soon.

To view all these titles visit

Have a great week writing.


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