Raffle Prizes and Silent Auctions – Book Marketing

If you’re giving a talk or belong to a group that has a raffle or silent auction during their meeting donate your book or other product you’ve created. Of course you’ll want the winner to have a personalized signed copy. If you’re not speaking ask your network if they need a donation to their raffle or silent auction.

All my books are in e-book format so how do I give books away. I use Smashwords as one of my distributors. I can create coupon codes for any of my books. When I donate a book(s) to a raffle I create a code and put it on a nice certificate. I also make small gift bags with items that relate to my book with the certificate enclosed. It all depends on the group or organization you’re dealing with.

Always be open to an opportunity to market your book.

New Release coming in January – 50 Plus Marketing Tips

This book isn’t a light weight marketing list. I’ve read those books. They have tons of ideas but little detail on how to even start executing them. I give you as much information as possible to give you the best opportunity at success when trying one or more of these tips.

Marketing your book doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. As you’ll see there are a lot of no-cost or low-cost options. You’ll put in a lot of sweat equity while marketing but it makes success that much sweeter.


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