Give Your Readers Something Extra

As a writer you give your readers a page turning plot, characters to love or hate and language that’s clear but to really give your readers a bigger bang give them something extra. Give them take away value. My series, Amazing but True, gives historical facts as part of the story. So the reader is learning while being entertained.

Look at your writing, what extra something can you give your readers? Can you add discussion questions or facts from your research? Be open to the possibilities to engaging your readers in a different way.

As a reminder, the Poem a Day Challenge begins on Monday April 1st. Find prompts and my attempts at them here on the Blog.

If you’re itching to get some inspiration for poems check out our new book written specifically for poetry month. Jumpstart Your Poetry with Over 1000 Prompts, To view the books page visit

Have a great weekend and Easter. See you all on Monday.

If you haven’t been to our face book page here is the link


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