Day 4 Opposites

Welcome to Thursday and day four of our challenge. Remember while writing your poem you’re not going for perfection. You’re writing a draft. There will be false starts and do overs. Just focus on writing a poem, not on perfection.

Prompt – Opposites

My attempt

Darkness and Light

In the darkness there is light

A light so bright that you cannot see

Like in a trance you walk its way

The light seems to grab you and pull you in

In the light your senses come alive

The air smells fresher as you fill your lungs

The sky is bluer, the grass is greener

The flowers smell sweeter

A warm breeze flows over your body caressing every inch of you

All your stress, all your worries are washed away

The feeling of unbounded joy over whelms you

You leave the light and feel refreshed ready to face the world again

Everyone has a light in the dark

You must find it out

Just open your eyes and it is there

Open your heart, open your mind and it will be there


Well there you have it. My attempt at opposites. Have fun with your poem today and I hope to see it posted here.

Have a great day and I’ll see you tomorrow.

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