Poem a Day Challenge Prompt Day 10

Good Morning Everyone! Is it Wednesday already? This week has just flown. Before you know it it’ll be Friday and I’m okay with that.

Today’s prompt – The four seasons

Mt Attempt


Our cobbled main street covered in Daffodils for the festival in spring.

There sweet scent drifts on the breeze.

Bee’s floating in the air.

Buzzing from flower to flower,

As we walk down the street.


Contestants wait to gobble down pies,

Line long tables in summer at the chance to win the pie eating contest.

The hum of anticipation in the warm air builds,

As the contestants wait for the whistle to blow.

Bystanders wait eagerly to see how many pies can be consumed.

Brightly colored kites bob and weave through the sky urging on the fun below.


Fall skies at Jackson Point,

Safire blue sky with fluffy white clouds.

The emerald field that stretches on forever,

Tall grasses tickling your palms as you stroll.

Filling your lungs with the sweet aroma of the earth


Winter winds blow off the sea and buffet the light house.

Strong and mighty it never waivers from its post.

Blizzards white out,

Boats frozen in time upon the water.

A heavy winter coat,

Topped by a brilliant red hat and scarf to ward off the cold.


Spring, summer, fall, and winter

It’s all Nantucket after all.


Well there you have it. My attempt at the four seasons. Have fun with your poem today and I hope to see it posted here.

Have a great day and I’ll see you tomorrow.

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