Can You Smell That? Writing Exercise

Using the senses in your writing, especially the sense of smell, can bring a deeper level to your writing. Smell is the strongest of the five senses tied to memory.


Recall a scent that always jogs your memory, and write about it. Some scents are unusual or even unpleasant, but they invoke pleasant memories. How does the scent make you feel? Why do you think the memory it triggers is so important?

Diesel exhausted always triggers the memory of going on dance competitions for me. The excitement of the competition, the tons of fun we all had on those days, that’s what it brings for me. The smell itself is unpleasant but the memories are golden.

How do you think introducing a memory by scent trigger would work in your writing? Would it be a catalyst for your character to come unhinged or as a quite reminder of what they do? Bringing this element into your writing will give your characters more depth and make them real to the reader.

Have a great day!

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