Poem a Day Challenge Day 13

You’ve made it to another weekend, Congratulations! Since it is Saturday I hope you didn’t have to get up to today’s prompt. Have a great day writing and enjoying the day.

Today’s prompt – Alarm Clock

My Attempt

Alarm Clock

It can’t be 5:30 already

I just went to bed

This clock has gotta be wrong

I don’t want to get out of bed

It’s cold out there

My bed is so nice and warm

Oh stop buzzing you stupid clock

Fine, I’ll get out of bed

The floor is to cold

Where are my fuzzy slippers?

It’s too cold out here

I want to get back into bed

Where is my robe?

The air is much to chilly for me

Look at my bed

It looks so lonely

It’s calling to me

I should get back in and keep it company

May be I would feel better if I took a nice hot shower

Of course there isn’t any hot water

May be I’ll try some coffee, that should do the trick

There’s no coffee!

What happened? Where did it all go?

I forgot to put the coffee in the machine last night

Why does this have to happen this morning?

Wait a minute, why isn’t anyone else getting up?

What’s today?

It’s Saturday!

I don’t get up early on Saturday.

What’s wrong with me?

I’m going back to bed!


Well there you have it. My attempt at Alarm Clock. Have fun with your poem today and I hope to see it posted here.

Have a great day and I’ll see you tomorrow.

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