Poem a Day Challenge Day 14

Good Morning Everyone. I hope your weekend is going great. Today the family is going to the Tulip Festival. Should be tons of fun. Have a great day writing and enjoying the day.

Today’s prompt – Matching Socks Are Over Rated

Matching Socks Are Over Rated

Not one sock in the drawer matches

Where did all the pairs go?

Is there really a sock troll that roams the land taking socks?

Or is there a drier elf who sneaks up the vent to snatch the socks when there nice and warm

But what are they doing with all of those socks?

Do they make their cloths out of them?

Or maybe their bedding?

Maybe there is an underground black market for miss-matched socks

Those trolls and elves are very mysterious

At this point I don’t care

My feet are cold

And matching socks are so over rated


Well there you have it. My attempt at Matching socks are over rated. Have fun with your poem today and I hope to see it posted here.

Have a great day and I’ll see you tomorrow.

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