Jog Your Memory – Memoir Writing Exercise

Are you at the beginning of your memoir writing journey or stuck trying to remember events? Jump-start your memory and ignite your creativity with this fun activity.


Mementos, cards, letters and old photos are a great source of material for jogging your memory or transporting you back to that moment in time. So go grab a box of old photos from the storage area and let’s get started. Go through the box and select about ten items. Lay those items out in chronological order. Now construct a time line for the items. Then take each item/photo and write one page about the day you associate with the item or events around the photo. Who was there with you? Who took the photo? Was it you? What events brought you to that place and time? What did that time mean to you?

As you can see doing this for ten separate items/photos will give you a lot of material to work from. Working through this exercise can also spark other memories of events and people, so be prepared for what this could unleash, in a good way.

If you’re interested in learning more about memoir writing, check out Your Step by Step Guide to Writing Memoir available at Amazon

Have a great day and happy writing.


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