Poem a Day Challenge Day 30

It’s Tuesday April 30th and the last day of our writing challenge. I hope you have enjoyed celebrating poetry through writing. I encourage you to take the poems you’ve written and start editing them tomorrow. Don’t let them languish in a drawer or computer file. Revise, edit and submit. Now on to our last prompt.

Today’s Prompt – Thank you

My Attempt

Thank you

Thank you for coming on this journey with me

We’ve had some great fun

Getting goose bumps to saving the world

To grabbing some deep fried goodness

Stopping to Read Writer Poetry

That was a delightful stop along the way

Sharing my big ol bag of candy

And realizing matching socks are really over rated

Discovering things together

Experiencing the bugs, hugs and things so new

Wishing that this fairytale of a journey would never end

Relaxing in the shade, drinking damn good lemonade

But tell me the truth

Have you had fun too?

All the observations that’s shaped this trip

Things at night which could have given me a fright

But there were the people who cared

Singing praises of the paradise we have found

Thank you


Well there you have it. My attempt at Thank you.

Have a great Tuesday. Enjoy writing your last poem of the challenge. Once you’re complete take a moment to celebrate your success in completing thirty poems in thirty days. What a great accomplishment.

Don’t forget to keep coming back to the blog for other great writing posts.

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