Imagery Writing Exercises

freeimage-4294575A successful image plugs the reader right into the story. They can feel, hear, see and even smell what’s going on. You want your reader to be completely immersed in your story as if they are a part of it.

Consider the two following lines. “Clara was weak.” versus, “Clara was unable to heave her body from the chair.”

Which one of these statements makes you want to know more or what happens next?

It’s now time to practice creating images that give your writing a boost. Rewrite these four statements with imagery.

I hate cauliflower.

Her shirt was a mess.

The sun is bright.

His room is messy.

Now that you have the hang of this, pull out a draft of something you’ve been working on and try to make vague lines more vivid with imagery.

Have a great day writing.


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  1. Thanks for this 🙂


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