All courses are taught by Laura K Marshall, AKA The Starving Writer

Please scroll, there are several courses listed. More classes to be listed shortly.

Short Story Crash Course – Now Available

Short Story Crash Course is an intensive 21 day course that will whip your stories into shape. We’ll take your manuscripts from desk drawer to editor’s desk in three weeks

All those stories languishing in your drawer will receive new life as a published piece. This course will whip your short stories into shape for submission, teach you how to research the market and start submitting. This is a self-contained, course. Everything you need, you’ll find in the course book.

Purchase your course book today for $9.99  Click HERE

Journaling Guide and Course Work NEW Completely Self – Contained Course

This insightful book and course will help you discover an exciting new way to express yourself. You’ll discover how you can use your journal to explore your thoughts, feelings and values. You’ll also learn how to use your journal to support the discovery of the true you. Journaling in this way opens you to the possibilities of transformation and personal growth.
There are many positive benefits to journaling. It can help you with your personal growth and development, gaining insight into yourself, problem solving and stress reduction. Journaling can help you through times of lose and grieving to assist you through the healing process. It’s also a place to reflect on the happy events in our lives, our relationships and how they affect us.
There are no rules in journal writing but writing.
As part of this journaling guide is a thirty day “guided” course that will help you create a lifelong journaling habit. Each day you will be presented with a question, a quote that will have you reflect on journaling, an exercise and additional insights. Even though this is a thirty day course, this class is self-paced. Enroll and start learning today.
At the end of the thirty days you will have established a positive journaling habit and routine.

Journaling Guide and Course Work $9.99 http://bit.ly/journalcourse To purchase your copy and begin your journaling journey today.


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