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Get Your Write On

Let’s get this writing train rolling with some prompts. Prompts are a great way to loosen up your creativity. They’re stretches for your brain. With these or any prompts, try to break out of your comfort zone. Write in a genre you typically don’t or practice writing dialog, scenes with all five senses, etc.
The ivy vine creeps closer to my bedroom window. Day after day, closer.
Is it so hard to do what I’m asking of you? I mean, really, is it?
I’m not too sure about our new neighbors.
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, “It’s just burgers and fries man.”
The mist rolled in early across the fields. In the murky gray I could hear a lonely frogs call.
Who do I need to impress? You? That’s laughable.
Would you participate in a naked bike ride? Why or why not?
When nothing but being Fabulous will do.
Where does your Boogie Man hide?
Panic set in when I realized the Tequila was all gone.
I think these ten prompts will do for now. Have a great week and happy writing


Writing Prompts

What better way to start the weekend than with some writing prompts. And with today being Friday the 13th you can have freeimage-4294575some real fund with these.

I wouldn’t go in there if I was you.

Mr. Donkle, can you explain what happened here?

The fog rolled into our small town like a freight train.

Is it Friday the 13th already?

Be prepared for anything.

Where did the summer go?

The fire spread quickly in the abandoned building.

Science can’t explain that.

What are you going to do with all that cheese?

I should have known better.

Have a great day and weekend. Happy Writing!

Jumpstart Your Poetry with Over 1000 Prompts

Summer time stirs creativity in most of us. Something about the combination of sun and warmth really gets my creativity flowing. I completely believe I’m solar powered. Get your creativity flowing with my book of prompts. There are over a thousand poetry prompts to choose from.

Jumpstart Your Poetry with Over 1000 Prompts

Jumpstart Your Poetry

Over 1000 poetry prompts

Have you always wanted to write poetry but have no idea where to begin? Or have you been wring for years but need to restart the creative engine? This book has over 1000 prompts to get you going.

Poems can be anything you want them to be, funny, silly, romantic, or about everyday things. Your only limit is your imagination.

You can draw inspiration from everything and anything to write a poem. In this book I give you prompts to help open your mind to the possibilities around you.

At the end of the book are poetry terms and descriptions of a few popular forms of poetry.

To start your poetry journey today CLICK HERE to purchase your copy of Jumpstart Your Poetry with Over 1000 Prompts for only .99c.

First Friday Prompts

Welcome to the first Friday in June. Start your month off right with some prompts to get your writing mojo flowing.

11.)Dear Diary, We have been lost at sea for nearly three months now. I fear for the crew’s sanity.

2.)    Today started out like any other day but what happened was nothing like any other day.

3.)    You are at the mini mart. The cashier gives you your change. On one of the bills are instructions to do something. What are the instructions and do you carry them out?

4.)    Mom, I’ve decided to be a professional Dodge Baller.

5.)    Mabel, the cat lady, is in your oak tree in the front yard trying to get one of her cats down, again.

Have fun with these prompts. Challenge yourself to write a short story for each.

Have a great day and keep on writing.

Character Writing Exercise

Summer Fun

Summer Reading

Character Writing Exercise

Your character has been stranded on an island after a ship wreck. He and one other person survived. They have been stranded for thirty days and there is only one day of food left. What does your character do?

This is a fun exercises and writing prompt really. You can take one of your existing characters and put them in this situation and see how they react. You can discover a lot about your character by putting them in a stressful situation. Also the other person can be male or female. How would your character act in those two different situations?

Have a great day and happy writing.

First Friday Writing Prompts

Good Morning Friday. Here we are on the first Friday of the month. Time sure does fly. To kick off the month writing, here are a couple of writing prompts to get you going.

No one ever said being a hero was easy.

You’ve been in an accident. During recovery you’ve lost one of your senses. Which sense did you lose? How has it affected you?

Finding a bag full of money.

If you didn’t have demons, would your angles stick around?

Now go, be free and write.

This weekend is Cinco de Mayo so go out to your favorite Mexican restaurant and celebrate Mexican heritage and pride.

Have a great day and happy writing.

Poem a Day Challenge Day 30

It’s Tuesday April 30th and the last day of our writing challenge. I hope you have enjoyed celebrating poetry through writing. I encourage you to take the poems you’ve written and start editing them tomorrow. Don’t let them languish in a drawer or computer file. Revise, edit and submit. Now on to our last prompt.

Today’s Prompt – Thank you

My Attempt

Thank you

Thank you for coming on this journey with me

We’ve had some great fun

Getting goose bumps to saving the world

To grabbing some deep fried goodness

Stopping to Read Writer Poetry

That was a delightful stop along the way

Sharing my big ol bag of candy

And realizing matching socks are really over rated

Discovering things together

Experiencing the bugs, hugs and things so new

Wishing that this fairytale of a journey would never end

Relaxing in the shade, drinking damn good lemonade

But tell me the truth

Have you had fun too?

All the observations that’s shaped this trip

Things at night which could have given me a fright

But there were the people who cared

Singing praises of the paradise we have found

Thank you


Well there you have it. My attempt at Thank you.

Have a great Tuesday. Enjoy writing your last poem of the challenge. Once you’re complete take a moment to celebrate your success in completing thirty poems in thirty days. What a great accomplishment.

Don’t forget to keep coming back to the blog for other great writing posts.

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